Killing It

My friend Mark has a thing for online feel-good videos. He needs to see the kindness and empathy that his fellow human beings direct at one another. He likes videos of dogs being rescued from frozen ponds and kids going to nursing homes reading to the elderly residents. I get it. I love that stuff too. … Continue reading Killing It


The Recipe Box

When we inherited our home from my grandparents, we inherited THINGS and not just a house. Things like... an antique desk a WWII shell Royal Albert bone china from England a hall tree a staircase finial for a staircase that doesn't exist anymore Van Briggle pottery and a recipe box. While the WWII shell is the most mysterious thing … Continue reading The Recipe Box

He Came Tumblin’ Down

At our farm, Christmas lights can go up on our house as early as October or November. It really depends on the weather. My husband, the man-farmer, outlines our roof and our front porch with white lights. Man-farmer... I like that. That's his new name. MAN-FARMER! Okay, sorry, I'll get back on track. SO, he outlines our … Continue reading He Came Tumblin’ Down

New Year…Newish Thoughts

The year has changed from 2016 to 2017. Seriously, where are the flying cars? Remember when we were kids and the year 2017 sent your mind racing towards robot maids and jet packs? and yet... I still do my own dishes and drive around in a minivan with too many miles. sigh... BUT... I think … Continue reading New Year…Newish Thoughts