My Poison Ivy Crusade

A few days ago I posted pictures on my Cheshire Farm Facebook page (click here to see what I'm talking about!) about all of the poison ivy that I've found on the farm this year. Now, I live in the country. And I'm surrounded by the woods. Poison ivy is not new to me. We … Continue reading My Poison Ivy Crusade


Where Yogurt Lies…

We had two goats for six years. They were twin 6 month old sisters that we bought from our local children's zoo to be companions to our pony. Our then 2 year old wanted to name them 6 and 7...we persuaded her to change the names from numbers to something sweeter.  She then came up … Continue reading Where Yogurt Lies…

The Class of 2023

My daughter is in a school class with more males than females. Testosterone is runnin' rampant at her school in her day to day classes. These kids (the majority of them) have been in the same school system since they were 3 years old...preschool. We don't merge with other schools for junior high or high … Continue reading The Class of 2023