Killing It

My friend Mark has a thing for online feel-good videos.

He needs to see the kindness and empathy that his fellow human beings direct at one another.

He likes videos of dogs being rescued from frozen ponds and kids going to nursing homes reading to the elderly residents.

I get it.

I love that stuff too.

It helps us to have faith in each other.

After seeing nasty tweets about Baron Trump by adults (who does that?!) you need to see a video of corgis pulling a chicken on a sled.

You need it!

But, I’m here to tell you that there’s something else you need in your life right now.

Something that will really get your heart pumped.

Something that will really put a big ol’ smile on your face.

That something is called…

Game Shows on TV!

I’m totally serious about this folks.

Feeling shitty about your in-laws?

Hate your job?

Sick of not being able to lose that weight you gained when you were pregnant?

I mean, I just had a baby.

Never mind that it was 8 years ago.

Who’s counting…geesh.

Tired of the divisiveness of the news?

Turn on Let’s Make A Deal on CBS and you’ll be transformed!

Watch a round of Wheel of Fortune and it will be as if you just spent a day at the beach!

A round of Jeopardy with Alex Trebek always (usually) makes me feel better about myself.

I say “usually” because if I’m having an off day and all of the categories presented on Jeopardy consist of Lakes and Rivers, The New Testament, and Rocks , I know I’m not going to “win” today.

I am horrible at Lakes and Rivers!

But, I’ll tell you this.

If I am having a bombtastic day and Jeopardy comes on and I am getting ALL of the category answers correct and then I KILL IT on Final Jeopardy (kill it as in the three contestants don’t get the final question, but I do!) it’s a great natural high.

And when my youngest daughter is sitting with me and is SO proud of me and shouts at me “MOM!  YOU REALLY NEED TO GET ON THAT SHOW!”  I mean, come on…

It doesn’t get much better than that.

But wait.

It does!

Jamal on Let’s Make A Deal has come on the show dressed as a carrot.

A grown man dressed as a carrot.

And he’s a teacher.

And he has the opportunity to win a car.

Spin the big wheel and if the arrow lands on the car, it’s yours!

And he spins.

And I’m sitting in my kitchen with my fingers crossed for him.

Oh, please, please, please, please let the arrow land on the car.

And the wheel is slowing down.

And Jamal is stuck standing in a taut position…his shoulders are tight, his face is in a grimace.

He’s frozen.

And so am I.

Where will the arrow land?






It landed on the car!

He won the car!

Are you kidding me?

That guy just won a car!

I don’t even know him and I’m so excited for him!

I’m excited for him because I believe in happiness.

And fun.

And humanity.

And if we can’t be happy for one another.

What have we become?

Jaded and distorted.

Divisive and resentful.

Life is full of surprises.

Let yourself be happy for someone other than yourself.

It feels good to feel good.

We need more of that in the world right now.

In this complicated and confusing world that we are currently living in…watch a TV game show.

And root for the stay-at-home mom on Jeopardy who is KILLING it on Jeopardy today.






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