A Duck Named Patty

Living on a farm with animals brings great amusement to my life. But, with all of the smiles that kittens and ducklings bring, there's always the possibility that harm will come to one of them at any moment. The farm animals don't live in the house with us, they live in an outbuilding behind the … Continue reading A Duck Named Patty

Fried Alligator and Fuzzy Cows

My kids and I head to the Illinois State Fair annually with my parents. Man-Farmer always has to work the week of the fair because it's always scheduled the week before the university he works at starts classes.  He's busy that final week fine-tuning his employee schedules, making sure everything needed has been ordered.  Stuff … Continue reading Fried Alligator and Fuzzy Cows

Things I’ve Noticed About Rich People

I watch a lot of The Real Housewives of (insert various cities here) on Bravo and these are some things I've noticed about rich folks that are different from regular folks... -rich folks drive to dinner in a Maserati. -regular folks drive to dinner in a 10 year old minivan with gum forever stuck inside … Continue reading Things I’ve Noticed About Rich People

Up and Down The Chicago River

The water taxi from Chinatown to Michigan Avenue takes about 40 minutes. Chinatown in located on the near south side of Chicago and the river divides the city between north and south addresses.  We were heading towards north Michigan Ave.  The boat stops at a few different locations along the way, so you get to … Continue reading Up and Down The Chicago River