The Old Pony

We have a pony on our farm. I have had many pets through the years, cats and dogs and birds and fish, but an equine pet was never on my list of "things to own in my lifetime." We moved to the farm when Zoe was two years old.  The same age my dad was … Continue reading The Old Pony

8 Years Ago…

8 years ago today my husband and I got the wind knocked out of us simultaneously. 8 years ago today our life-view was forever changed. 8 years ago today I thought I would have to live without my daughter. 8 years ago today I learned what it was really like to live with hope. 8 … Continue reading 8 Years Ago…

World Cancer Day

I guess today is World Cancer Day. I doubt I would pause to stop to think about this had cancer not entered our family's life. But, who am I kidding, it's entered everyone's life.  We all know someone who has had cancer...they either died from cancer, they currently have cancer, or they have survived cancer. … Continue reading World Cancer Day

Remembering That Everyday Is A Gift

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was warm, yet breezy, and today is cold and mucho breezy. It's flat-out windy. And I remember why I so dislike winter. I mean, give me a crisp winter day where the air is still and there's a few inches of nice compact snow. The sun is shining … Continue reading Remembering That Everyday Is A Gift

Excessive Coconut

We've been struck with a spring malady at the farm. The whole--April Showers Bring May Flowers--baloney that happens in the spring has turned into--Well It's May And The Damn Rain Needs To Stop!--because it causes a problem in my kitchen. Ants. Little ants start making their way into my kitchen EVERY YEAR in the early … Continue reading Excessive Coconut