A Letter

My dear husband, I never found the key to open the back pasture. I looked everywhere. Your pants pockets. Your coat pockets. You sure have a lot of coats. I even looked in the pockets of that yellow rain slicker that makes you look like the Gortons Fisherman. I looked on the ground near the … Continue reading A Letter



I just finished reading Joan Didion's non-fiction book The Year of Magical Thinking. I had read it a few years ago and while I enjoyed it then, it meant a hell of a lot more to me now. It's about her life after her husband died of a massive heart attack while they were eating … Continue reading Cold

World Cancer Day

I guess today is World Cancer Day. I doubt I would pause to stop to think about this had cancer not entered our family's life. But, who am I kidding, it's entered everyone's life.  We all know someone who has had cancer...they either died from cancer, they currently have cancer, or they have survived cancer. … Continue reading World Cancer Day