Glass Half Full

I met up with some old friends last weekend. These are ladies I met in college and a few of us even went to high school together. That's 28 PLUS years of friendship in those faces above. We have been together through college final exams, boyfriend hookups and breakups, vacation shenanigans, weddings, the births of our … Continue reading Glass Half Full

64 Duck Eggs

Spring has sprung at the farm! It's 82 degrees today!  Woot Woot! Easter is tomorrow and, as we aren't religious, we will partake in the day by eating a big ol' ham and a blueberry lemon cake and talking about a large bunny that came in the night and hid the 64 duck eggs we colored yesterday. When … Continue reading 64 Duck Eggs

I’m Not A Size 8 Anymore

My friend Leslie has made a monumental discovery. She has discovered leggings. She can NOT believe that it has taken her so long to discover the joy of leggings or jeggings (which are thin denim pants with lots of lycra/stretch in them) and it's as if her life has taken on new meaning. She's seen THE … Continue reading I’m Not A Size 8 Anymore