New Year…Newish Thoughts

The year has changed from 2016 to 2017.

Seriously, where are the flying cars?

Remember when we were kids and the year 2017 sent your mind racing towards robot maids and jet packs?

and yet…

I still do my own dishes and drive around in a minivan with too many miles.



I think I may try a new blog site.

And we will see how things go.

I mean, I’m growing up.

I’m using Sensodyne toothpaste now and my husband has taken to wearing inserts in his shoes.

Things are really movin’ and groovin’ here on the farm and this new WordPress blog seems to be easier for me to use than the old blogger site I have used since I wasn’t using Sensodyne toothpaste.


New year.

New Blog Page.

Still the same name as before.

Life at Cheshire Farm.

The way to get here has changed from to

Simple enough, right?

Please refer back to my old page for my many words of wisdom (who’s rolling their eyes…I saw that!) and my funny stories of life at the farm.

Refer back to to read about a little girl who fought through a diagnosis of leukemia.

Because the girl I’ll be writing about here is cancer free.

And  a pre-teen.

So, I’m sure I’ll have much to write about for many years to come!

And her little sister is only 8.

Good gravy…

I’m scared.

I hope to write more in 2017.

I’m going to try to write at least twice a month.

Hopefully more.

I want to explore ways to showcase my farm photography a bit more.

I want to write about hope for the future and not dwell so much on what has happened to my daughter.

But, to explore with her future.

She’s in middle school now.

Where true tests of strength must also be exhibited.

She will learn to take the strength she discovered within herself out of the sick bed and into the real world.

Where hormones and girl drama and embarrassing parents coexist.

And her sister is coming into her own.

She’s learning to be brave and she’s starting to discover her own voice.

Well, she’s always had a voice.

A loud and piercing voice.

But she’s starting to step up when it matters most.

When bullies are on the bus.

When she’s bullied herself.

A new year.

New ideas.

Well, Hello there 2017.

We’ve been waiting for you…



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