Summer Reading

I haven't done a book post since March. I've been reading away and since it's summer, here are some things that I have enjoyed that you may want to put on your summer reading list. I'm starting with The Glass Castle. This book came out in 2006 and I believe it was made (or is … Continue reading Summer Reading

Not Much To Say

Well... I don't have much to say right now. It's hot. The sisters are away at summer camp all week. Summer is barreling down on us here at the farm. The pool keeps turning green. The flies are pestering the horse. The duck is still laying on her nest of eggs. I'm giving her one … Continue reading Not Much To Say

Purple Is My Favorite Cabbage…

Yesterday I wrote about my obsession with the lusciousness that is sweetened condensed milk. Today I want to discuss another love of mine. It's crunchy, bright, a bit sweet, and adds a rainbow quality to dishes. Purple Cabbage. Purple cabbage? Yes. Purple cabbage. I adore it. The way it feels fresh and alive when you … Continue reading Purple Is My Favorite Cabbage…

Sweet, Sweet Love

I recently posted on my personal Facebook page about an obsession/addiction/love affair that I currently have. Well, it's not really's more an on-going thing for me. Something that I have had in my life for quite a while now. Sweetened Condensed Milk. I love it. I could eat it everyday...and usually do consume it … Continue reading Sweet, Sweet Love