My Week In Review…

I went to my youngest daughter' s school to help count money with fellow PTO moms. We were counting donations given to students for a fundraiser. It was only after I was back home that I saw the GIANT BLACK HAIR sticking out of my chin. Sorry Carrie. Carrie is the mom who was sitting … Continue reading My Week In Review…


Horse Teeth and Television

Nothing is really happening these days and we are completely happy with that. Some days I wake up and find that the most important thing on my "to-do" list is to clean out the chicken coop. The farm vet came out to our place last week. The goats and the horse get shots every year. … Continue reading Horse Teeth and Television

Bedside Table Reading

I've found some good books and have plowed through a nice selection during the hottest days of summer and into the coolness of almost-fall. Right now on my bedside table is Rosemary-The Hidden Kennedy Daughter. What a story! But's it's not a book of fiction, it's the true story of the eldest Kennedy daughter who … Continue reading Bedside Table Reading

When The Road Is Closed

Our road was closed this past week. The county was replacing a drain culvert and had torn apart the asphalt. We weren't even aware that this was going to happen until the company that busses our kids home from school called. "Your road is going to be closed next week so we will need to … Continue reading When The Road Is Closed