My Week In Review…

I went to my youngest daughter' s school to help count money with fellow PTO moms. We were counting donations given to students for a fundraiser. It was only after I was back home that I saw the GIANT BLACK HAIR sticking out of my chin. Sorry Carrie. Carrie is the mom who was sitting … Continue reading My Week In Review…


Horse Teeth and Television

Nothing is really happening these days and we are completely happy with that. Some days I wake up and find that the most important thing on my "to-do" list is to clean out the chicken coop. The farm vet came out to our place last week. The goats and the horse get shots every year. … Continue reading Horse Teeth and Television

Bedside Table Reading

I've found some good books and have plowed through a nice selection during the hottest days of summer and into the coolness of almost-fall. Right now on my bedside table is Rosemary-The Hidden Kennedy Daughter. What a story! But's it's not a book of fiction, it's the true story of the eldest Kennedy daughter who … Continue reading Bedside Table Reading