Chickens = Eggs = Cake

I raise chickens. I prefer hens to roosters. I am not interested in raising new generations of chickens. I am interested in eggs. Hens lay eggs, roosters do not. Hens will lay eggs in the absence of a rooster. A rooster is only used to fertilize eggs to make baby chickens. A hen will lay … Continue reading Chickens = Eggs = Cake

The Pool In The Woods…2

This Spring has started out drizzly and windy and cold. It’s a Spring season like this that make me happy we don’t have a swimming pool anymore. And it’s a Spring season like this that remind me of all of the grumbling and extra work that my husband put into that swimming pool. Before he … Continue reading The Pool In The Woods…2

And Then There Were 2…

We bought our initial flock of ducks from the farm store 4 years ago. Four Indian Runner ducks and two Khaki Campbell ducks. With this group of six we ended up with four drakes (males) and two ducks (females). Ducks are quite different, in my opinion, from chickens. My ducks have been hand raised, starting … Continue reading And Then There Were 2…

Memories-Old and New

Once again, I’ve neglected this blog and wonder about what I really want to write about. There are many blogs out in the blogosphere and many have specific viewpoints. I recently started following a blog about Paris. It’s really about Frenchifying your own life, which I love to do. I went to Paris 15 years … Continue reading Memories-Old and New