Fall Farm Update

Fall has arrived...of course it came in with a wham. One day it was warm and summer-like and the next day it was cool and Autumn. The chickens are laying so many eggs that we can't keep up with the demand. I took two 18 packs to my cousins at a family birthday gathering a … Continue reading Fall Farm Update


My Mistakes

I've made quite a few mistakes in the past week. I am confident in myself to publicly say "I've made a mistake"...or two. Or more Here they are... 1. The chicken was not eaten by a predator.  Ducky MoMo was hiding in the hayloft.  The same hayloft that we had canvassed four times already.  But, … Continue reading My Mistakes

It’s Already Time To Think Of Halloween

My daughters have already been thinking about what they want to be for Halloween. The teen daughter plans her costumes with her friends now--oh how I miss the days when the sisters had coordinating costumes...a pirate and a parrot...a mummy and a zombie cheerleader...Japanese girls in kimonos...little red riding hood and the big bad wolf. … Continue reading It’s Already Time To Think Of Halloween

Up and Down The Chicago River

The water taxi from Chinatown to Michigan Avenue takes about 40 minutes. Chinatown in located on the near south side of Chicago and the river divides the city between north and south addresses.  We were heading towards north Michigan Ave.  The boat stops at a few different locations along the way, so you get to … Continue reading Up and Down The Chicago River

The Class of 2023

My daughter is in a school class with more males than females. Testosterone is runnin' rampant at her school in her day to day classes. These kids (the majority of them) have been in the same school system since they were 3 years old...preschool. We don't merge with other schools for junior high or high … Continue reading The Class of 2023