A Few Of My Favorite Things…

Favorite Harry Potter Movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire...which is Year 4 at Hogwarts. It’s also my favorite HP Book. Favorite String Instrument: oh Dang, my hillbilly is going to show with this answer , but it’s a tie with a Banjo and a Fiddle/ViolinFavorite Country you want to visit: Japan...TokyoFavorite Breed of … Continue reading A Few Of My Favorite Things…

New Year, New Outing

We try to do something as a family when the New Year starts. I don't remember exactly when we started doing this...5 years ago? We tend to travel to St. Louis to do this family fun-fest because it offers a plethora of activities to choose from and it's only two hours south from the farm. … Continue reading New Year, New Outing

Up and Down The Chicago River

The water taxi from Chinatown to Michigan Avenue takes about 40 minutes. Chinatown in located on the near south side of Chicago and the river divides the city between north and south addresses.  We were heading towards north Michigan Ave.  The boat stops at a few different locations along the way, so you get to … Continue reading Up and Down The Chicago River

First Week Of 2018 Review

The first week of the new year, 2018, has already come and gone. Days are still cold and the nights even colder. In Illinois, we are used to the cold blowing across the prairie, causing the snow to drift into largish mountains of white.  Blocking the view, hampering the walk to the mailbox. We haven't … Continue reading First Week Of 2018 Review