Tres Leches Cake

Do you see this deliciousness that is called tres leches cake? I made it last week and it was my first time with this recipe. The first time with this specific dessert. Tres Leches is Spanish for Three Milk. This cake is topped with three types of milk... whole milk evaporated milk and (my FAVORITE!) … Continue reading Tres Leches Cake


Purple Is My Favorite Cabbage…

Yesterday I wrote about my obsession with the lusciousness that is sweetened condensed milk. Today I want to discuss another love of mine. It's crunchy, bright, a bit sweet, and adds a rainbow quality to dishes. Purple Cabbage. Purple cabbage? Yes. Purple cabbage. I adore it. The way it feels fresh and alive when you … Continue reading Purple Is My Favorite Cabbage…

Sweet, Sweet Love

I recently posted on my personal Facebook page about an obsession/addiction/love affair that I currently have. Well, it's not really's more an on-going thing for me. Something that I have had in my life for quite a while now. Sweetened Condensed Milk. I love it. I could eat it everyday...and usually do consume it … Continue reading Sweet, Sweet Love

Yet Another Week In Review…

Things have been hectic around here the last few weeks. We've attended Holiday performances that the kids are a part of. The family gathered as we had a death in the family. Our goat passed away as well. And we met with the creepiest Santa in the history of Santas.... My aunt's husband passed away … Continue reading Yet Another Week In Review…

I Bake Memories Into My Cakes

I have been a stay at home mom since my first baby was born. We lived in Chicago. I didn't have some fancy, high-payin' job at a hoity-toity downtown firm. It was cheaper to stay at home and not pay for daycare. We lived in a rented apartment so we didn't have a mortgage and … Continue reading I Bake Memories Into My Cakes

Excessive Coconut

We've been struck with a spring malady at the farm. The whole--April Showers Bring May Flowers--baloney that happens in the spring has turned into--Well It's May And The Damn Rain Needs To Stop!--because it causes a problem in my kitchen. Ants. Little ants start making their way into my kitchen EVERY YEAR in the early … Continue reading Excessive Coconut

The Recipe Box

When we inherited our home from my grandparents, we inherited THINGS and not just a house. Things like... an antique desk a WWII shell Royal Albert bone china from England a hall tree a staircase finial for a staircase that doesn't exist anymore Van Briggle pottery and a recipe box. While the WWII shell is the most mysterious thing … Continue reading The Recipe Box