Can you get poison ivy in your eyes by mowing over A LOT of poison ivy plants and the dust and dirt goes a'flyin' around you and your coughing and spitting and getting shit on your face? Cause that just happened to me. Can we PLEASE stop making television shows featuring kids cooking? KIDS BBQ … Continue reading CAN…


Nothing Summer

Well, I'm doing a whole lot of nothing. Which is fine with me. The school year can get very busy when you have kids. As another mom and I were discussing this week as we sat waiting for volleyball camp to end for the day, the school year gets HECTIC and for her, her summer seems … Continue reading Nothing Summer

Finding Peace In The Heat

The heat of summer has struck early this year. The temperature has been in the 90s with that "real feel" feeling of *surface of the sun. There has been a lovely breeze that has been gusting up to about 20+MPH and that has helped tremendously. And when I mean it has helped, I mean that … Continue reading Finding Peace In The Heat