There Is Beauty

It hasn't snowed here since November. I was a bit bummed that there was nothing white in the fields when we woke up yesterday, Christmas Eve. Taking photos has become a bit boring, mundane, and I feel, at times, like I am just photographing the same things again and again and again. A fresh snowfall … Continue reading There Is Beauty

Talk More

Self-Checkout machines at the grocery stores are making us anti-social. Self-Checkout machines at Target are forcing me to NOT have a pleasant conversation with the team member in the lane I chose as she scans my lip gloss. Self-Checkout machines are pushing us farther away from one another in a time when we should be … Continue reading Talk More

Becoming A Teen

Our baby became a teenager on Sunday. Every parent goes through the same grieving process when their child is no longer a tot.  Where is that cherub-faced, sweet-smelling, chubby-armed baby?  She was just here sitting on my lap last week drooling onto my arm, right? Teens are a whole other emerging presence who has … Continue reading Becoming A Teen