A Letter

My dear husband, I never found the key to open the back pasture. I looked everywhere. Your pants pockets. Your coat pockets. You sure have a lot of coats. I even looked in the pockets of that yellow rain slicker that makes you look like the Gortons Fisherman. I looked on the ground near the … Continue reading A Letter


To Be Like Willie

I wonder if the dog misses Chad? Willie, the spotted hound dog, and Chad had a distant relationship even though they lived in the same house. At times there would be a stare down between a hound dog and a man's hand in our living room. Dog would stare and stare and stare at the … Continue reading To Be Like Willie

Start It Up

There are some things I would like to start doing this year... -listen to some podcasts...doesn't everyone have a podcast anymore?! What's all of the hubbub about concerning podcasts? Now, I do like listening to talk radio (my talk radio station of choice is National Public Radio) so maybe I'll like podcasts? Right at this … Continue reading Start It Up