There Is Beauty

It hasn't snowed here since November. I was a bit bummed that there was nothing white in the fields when we woke up yesterday, Christmas Eve. Taking photos has become a bit boring, mundane, and I feel, at times, like I am just photographing the same things again and again and again. A fresh snowfall … Continue reading There Is Beauty

Talk More

Self-Checkout machines at the grocery stores are making us anti-social. Self-Checkout machines at Target are forcing me to NOT have a pleasant conversation with the team member in the lane I chose as she scans my lip gloss. Self-Checkout machines are pushing us farther away from one another in a time when we should be … Continue reading Talk More

First Week Of 2018 Review

The first week of the new year, 2018, has already come and gone. Days are still cold and the nights even colder. In Illinois, we are used to the cold blowing across the prairie, causing the snow to drift into largish mountains of white.  Blocking the view, hampering the walk to the mailbox. We haven't … Continue reading First Week Of 2018 Review