The Scoop on Jen

I have a hyphenated last name, yet wear no-line bifocals.

I grew up down the street from where I currently live.

Before this residence, my address ended with a Chicago zip code.

I currently live in my grandparents’ farmhouse.

Which is where my dad grew up.

And it’s where his mother grew up.

This farm used to be a dairy farm.

Then it was a menagerie farm.

With horses, cows,  rabbits,  guinea hens, and peacocks.

My two daughters are the 6th generation of my family (on my dad’s side) to live on this farm.

A farm that really came back into fruition because my oldest daughter had cancer.

And she asked for a pony.

Which she, of course, got.

And so we now live on Cheshire Farm with a pony and two goats and some poultry who give us eggs to eat.

And we are thankful every day that we are all still together.

That our daughter beat cancer.

And I can write about my past…when I used to be a dancer and a veterinary technician and a city dweller.

I can see it merging into my present…where I am a wife and a mother in the country.

My creative side has transferred into another realm.

A realm where I write, bake, and take photographs.

And where I dance in the kitchen every single day…

I’ve been blogging since 2010.   Wander over here to read my old blog.

Since I’m such an avid photographer…all photographs on this site are owned by me and permission must be granted by me for their use elsewhere.  Thanks much.





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