I need new underwear, too. If you read my last blog post about needing a bra you will realize that I have undergarment issues. The older a lady gets the need to buy larger underpants comes into fruition. Granny pants enter a woman's life usually when she becomes pregnant. And for some of us, they … Continue reading Underwear


Syncing With My Tribe

I know many moms who have many daughters. It seems like you start to get pulled by some unforeseen force towards other large groups of females when you yourself are surrounded at home by other females. I have two daughters. Many of my mom friends have 2-4 daughters. I have few friends with just sons. … Continue reading Syncing With My Tribe

First Week Of 2018 Review

The first week of the new year, 2018, has already come and gone. Days are still cold and the nights even colder. In Illinois, we are used to the cold blowing across the prairie, causing the snow to drift into largish mountains of white.  Blocking the view, hampering the walk to the mailbox. We haven't … Continue reading First Week Of 2018 Review

Yet Another Week In Review…

Things have been hectic around here the last few weeks. We've attended Holiday performances that the kids are a part of. The family gathered as we had a death in the family. Our goat passed away as well. And we met with the creepiest Santa in the history of Santas.... My aunt's husband passed away … Continue reading Yet Another Week In Review…

Battles With Quinoa And Librarians

My daughter had a late birthday party this weekend. She's a winter baby. February to be exact. She was born in the deep, cold winter that gets its arms around Northerners. The kind of cold that burns it way down into your lungs when you first step outside. She was born in Evanston, Illinois 12 … Continue reading Battles With Quinoa And Librarians

Glass Half Full

I met up with some old friends last weekend. These are ladies I met in college and a few of us even went to high school together. That's 28 PLUS years of friendship in those faces above. We have been together through college final exams, boyfriend hookups and breakups, vacation shenanigans, weddings, the births of our … Continue reading Glass Half Full

I’m Not A Size 8 Anymore

My friend Leslie has made a monumental discovery. She has discovered leggings. She can NOT believe that it has taken her so long to discover the joy of leggings or jeggings (which are thin denim pants with lots of lycra/stretch in them) and it's as if her life has taken on new meaning. She's seen THE … Continue reading I’m Not A Size 8 Anymore