Chasing Sunsets

I live on a farm and there's a cornfield across the street. Sometimes it's a soybean field.  The corn makes a prettier picture, though. It's not our field.  The farmland is owned by Howard Buffett, Warren's son. We live on a hobby farm.  Which means we have a farm with farm animals that we don't … Continue reading Chasing Sunsets

Resolve To Support

The New Year is fast approaching. Time to start  fresh. We all have those ideas in our head that THIS is going to be the year! The year that I... lose weight travel more eat healthier get a job that I don't hate going to research my ancestral history get my DNA tested to see … Continue reading Resolve To Support

Yet Another Week In Review…

Things have been hectic around here the last few weeks. We've attended Holiday performances that the kids are a part of. The family gathered as we had a death in the family. Our goat passed away as well. And we met with the creepiest Santa in the history of Santas.... My aunt's husband passed away … Continue reading Yet Another Week In Review…

Bedtime Reading

I have had some pretty interesting books on my bedside table these past few months and one dud. The Orchardist by Amanda Coplin does not belong in the dud category for me, though. I loved everything about this book. The prose, the characters, the setting, the loneliness, the love, the heartaches, the desire to survive, … Continue reading Bedtime Reading

The Japanese Flag-Part 2

76 years ago today, the country of Japan did a surprise attack on a US Military base in Hawaii. The event propelled America into the second World War. And it forced young men, both American and Japanese, into battle against one another. My grandfather was sent to fight the war against Japan. He fought in … Continue reading The Japanese Flag-Part 2

Remembering That Everyday Is A Gift

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was warm, yet breezy, and today is cold and mucho breezy. It's flat-out windy. And I remember why I so dislike winter. I mean, give me a crisp winter day where the air is still and there's a few inches of nice compact snow. The sun is shining … Continue reading Remembering That Everyday Is A Gift