A Controlled Burn

“They’re burning next door” she said when she walked into the room. Were they? I hadn’t noticed. Sure enough, when I looked out of the south bedroom windows the sky was full of smoke. Zoe was referring to a controlled burn that was happening next door to us on conservation land. I saw the flames … Continue reading A Controlled Burn

Long Earrings-Short Hair

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm three years closer now to the big 5-0. Which is so weird to think. Especially since I feel like I'm 30 most days. Don't most people feel that way as they get older? Our bodies start the physical changes that appear with age...wrinkles sprout near your eyes that wear bifocals … Continue reading Long Earrings-Short Hair

Becoming A Teen

Our baby became a teenager on Sunday. Every parent goes through the same grieving process when their child is no longer a tot.  Where is that cherub-faced, sweet-smelling, chubby-armed baby?  She was just here sitting on my lap last week drooling onto my arm, right? Teens are a whole other entity...an emerging presence who has … Continue reading Becoming A Teen