My Mistakes

I've made quite a few mistakes in the past week. I am confident in myself to publicly say "I've made a mistake"...or two. Or more Here they are... 1. The chicken was not eaten by a predator.  Ducky MoMo was hiding in the hayloft.  The same hayloft that we had canvassed four times already.  But, … Continue reading My Mistakes

Where’s Ducky MoMo?

I'm missing a chicken. Well, I was missing a chicken, but then she was there. Smack dab in the middle of the flock. Then she was gone again. Nowhere to be seen when it's time to lock up the hens when the sun has gone down. Chickens will instinctually head to the chicken coop when … Continue reading Where’s Ducky MoMo?

Pies, Aging, And An Empty Sh*tter.

I'm baking pies today. Thanksgiving is in two days. I'm going traditional with my baking. Pumpkin and pecan will do it for us. My dad is known as "Plain Bob" and he doesn't like anything too fancy. He usually finds out that he actually likes fancy when he eats fancy, but he's happy with only … Continue reading Pies, Aging, And An Empty Sh*tter.