Hairy Knuckles

I'm reading a book about being in your 40s. The author is an American who lives in France and she said one day it just all began...the switch from waiters calling her Mademoiselle right into Madame. Old ladies are Madame. And now she was being called Madame...old. Of course, age is but a number.  How … Continue reading Hairy Knuckles

Summer Reading

I haven't done a book post since March. I've been reading away and since it's summer, here are some things that I have enjoyed that you may want to put on your summer reading list. I'm starting with The Glass Castle. This book came out in 2006 and I believe it was made (or is … Continue reading Summer Reading

Bedtime Reading

I have had some pretty interesting books on my bedside table these past few months and one dud. The Orchardist by Amanda Coplin does not belong in the dud category for me, though. I loved everything about this book. The prose, the characters, the setting, the loneliness, the love, the heartaches, the desire to survive, … Continue reading Bedtime Reading

Bedside Table Reading

I've found some good books and have plowed through a nice selection during the hottest days of summer and into the coolness of almost-fall. Right now on my bedside table is Rosemary-The Hidden Kennedy Daughter. What a story! But's it's not a book of fiction, it's the true story of the eldest Kennedy daughter who … Continue reading Bedside Table Reading

Battles With Quinoa And Librarians

My daughter had a late birthday party this weekend. She's a winter baby. February to be exact. She was born in the deep, cold winter that gets its arms around Northerners. The kind of cold that burns it way down into your lungs when you first step outside. She was born in Evanston, Illinois 12 … Continue reading Battles With Quinoa And Librarians