I Need To Buy An Air Popper

I tried to make popcorn on the stove last evening. I burned most of it. My husband always made me popcorn on the stove. It's my favorite evening snack. We don't own a microwave and I don't want the extras that are in microwave popcorn bags anyway. He didn't even like to eat popcorn. He … Continue reading I Need To Buy An Air Popper


Man-Farmer Gets Older

I'm making a birthday cake this morning. Man-Farmer is celebrating his 46th year on the planet. Little sister made him something out of clay (that I baked to "set" in the oven) to put next to his bed to hold stuff. Big sister, who knows what she's doing for her dad today.  Her dad is … Continue reading Man-Farmer Gets Older

Long Earrings-Short Hair

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm three years closer now to the big 5-0. Which is so weird to think. Especially since I feel like I'm 30 most days. Don't most people feel that way as they get older? Our bodies start the physical changes that appear with age...wrinkles sprout near your eyes that wear bifocals … Continue reading Long Earrings-Short Hair