A Few Of My Favorite Things…

  1. Favorite Harry Potter Movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire…which is Year 4 at Hogwarts. It’s also my favorite HP Book.
  2. Favorite String Instrument: oh Dang, my hillbilly is going to show with this answer , but it’s a tie with a Banjo and a Fiddle/Violin
  3. Favorite Country you want to visit: Japan…Tokyo
  4. Favorite Breed of Dog: A Mutt!-I had a border collie mix once and he was the BEST dog ever.
  5. Favorite Extreme Sport you’re too scared to do: I think hang gliding would be amazing and the sights you could see if you did it, say, over the Grand Canyon or something like that, would be AH-mazing!
  6. Favorite Childhood Memory: Going to Chicago on the Amtrak with my grandmother and cousins to stay at The Palmer House hotel and wandering through the Art Institute. We did this many times when I was a kid. It sparked my love affair with big city living and art museums.
  7. Favorite Place to Shop: Barnes and Noble or Target
  8. Favorite Candle Scent: I adore anything vanilla scented. I prefer my house to smell like a cookie.
  9. Favorite chocolate candy: a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
  10. Favorite Hobbit from Lord of the Rings: Samwise-the greatest best friend ever written
  11. Favorite place you’ve been to but would return to: Paris, France and Walt Disney World
  12. Favorite Music Artist: The Beatles-I have a young father and I was raised with their sound always being played in the background. I know practically every word to every Beatles song.
  13. Favorite “Perfect Day” Weather: 85 degrees, slight breeze, an occasional passing sliver of cloud, near a swimming pool/lake/ocean.
  14. Favorite Food to Cook/Bake: I love baking crusty bread at home and I love making a nice roast chicken with potatoes.
  15. Place in the U.S. you haven’t seen yet, but need to see: The Grand Canyon AND Hawaii…plan to see both within next five years.

I got this list and idea from another blogger- wakinguponthewrongsideof50.wordpress.com-did this favorites list on her page so I added a few more and thought it would be fun to publish.

I always find it interesting to see what people like/dislike.

Some people surprise me by their answers to questions like these and some people I can read like a book.


Oh wait, there’s one more…

Favorite Book: Out Of Africa by Isak Dinesen/Karen Blixen

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