I Need To Buy An Air Popper

I tried to make popcorn on the stove last evening. I burned most of it. My husband always made me popcorn on the stove. It's my favorite evening snack. We don't own a microwave and I don't want the extras that are in microwave popcorn bags anyway. He didn't even like to eat popcorn. He … Continue reading I Need To Buy An Air Popper


A Father’s Daughter

My grandmother wore Shalimar perfume. I still have a small vial in my medicine cabinet that I don't wear, but it was here when we moved in and I have kept it as is. I have smelled that perfume at random times while living in this house. Not just a random whiff, but a powerful … Continue reading A Father’s Daughter

Start It Up

There are some things I would like to start doing this year... -listen to some podcasts...doesn't everyone have a podcast anymore?! What's all of the hubbub about concerning podcasts? Now, I do like listening to talk radio (my talk radio station of choice is National Public Radio) so maybe I'll like podcasts? Right at this … Continue reading Start It Up