A Kitten Named Milkweed

We were sitting in our living room a few weeks ago watching Castle Rock on Hulu. It was about 10 pm and we had a few episodes to catch up on with this show inspired by the characters and settings in Stephen King novels. One of our cats was sitting in the window that's to … Continue reading A Kitten Named Milkweed

Day Trip To Chinatown

We took a day trip to Chicago on Saturday. It had been a while since all four of us had gone to the city together. Two years in fact.  The last time we all went together was in 2016 when the Van Gogh exhibit was at The Art Institute. Man-Farmer has taken the girls himself … Continue reading Day Trip To Chinatown

The Japanese Flag-The Return Home

This is post 3 out of  series I have written about a flag my Grandfather Vern brought home to Illinois after his service during World War II. To read Part 1-click here.  Part 2-click here. The flag is home. The prayer flag that my Grandfather brought home from World War II, the flag that was … Continue reading The Japanese Flag-The Return Home