Remembering That Everyday Is A Gift

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was warm, yet breezy, and today is cold and mucho breezy. It's flat-out windy. And I remember why I so dislike winter. I mean, give me a crisp winter day where the air is still and there's a few inches of nice compact snow. The sun is shining … Continue reading Remembering That Everyday Is A Gift


Ice Skating

My youngest has been asking me, since last year, to take her ice skating. I really like ice skating. I remember first learning to ice skate in high school. We had a PE class that allowed us to go off campus to learn how to bowl, how to shoot an arrow from a bow at … Continue reading Ice Skating

Pies, Aging, And An Empty Sh*tter.

I'm baking pies today. Thanksgiving is in two days. I'm going traditional with my baking. Pumpkin and pecan will do it for us. My dad is known as "Plain Bob" and he doesn't like anything too fancy. He usually finds out that he actually likes fancy when he eats fancy, but he's happy with only … Continue reading Pies, Aging, And An Empty Sh*tter.

Another Week, Another Review

Another week (or two) has passed and another week in review is here... We have had encounters with pumpkins, a theft, illness in the family, a concert, and a holiday. October has come and gone and today is November. The month that gives us turkey and the birth of Gigi. Who was the devil for … Continue reading Another Week, Another Review

I Want To Be A Better Mom…

Being a parent is a very difficult job. There are so many different variables that need to be met. Basic needs. Food...check. Shelter...check. Clothing...check. And those pesky EXTRAS... Educational opportunities...check. Music lessons...check. A few pets at home to provide companionship and to help foster compassion...check. Hair braiding...FAIL. I seem to have the basics down okay. … Continue reading I Want To Be A Better Mom…