Finding Your Own Joy

November is the Thankful Month. It's the month that we pull aside as the time to remember what gives us joy and what gives us reason to get up each morning. But, why do we stop and think about what we have to be thankful for in November? This is something that we need to … Continue reading Finding Your Own Joy

Battles With Quinoa And Librarians

My daughter had a late birthday party this weekend. She's a winter baby. February to be exact. She was born in the deep, cold winter that gets its arms around Northerners. The kind of cold that burns it way down into your lungs when you first step outside. She was born in Evanston, Illinois 12 … Continue reading Battles With Quinoa And Librarians

Excessive Coconut

We've been struck with a spring malady at the farm. The whole--April Showers Bring May Flowers--baloney that happens in the spring has turned into--Well It's May And The Damn Rain Needs To Stop!--because it causes a problem in my kitchen. Ants. Little ants start making their way into my kitchen EVERY YEAR in the early … Continue reading Excessive Coconut