What are you doing?

The entire planet seems to be on this virus lockdown.

Going outside has been looked down upon, our government officials have told us to keep our kids at home and away from school. We have been told to not go to work if at all possible.

Yet, I have seen a pretty normal amount of vehicle traffic going down my street every day.

Where is everyone going??

I have a cousin who lives in South America and we video chatted last week. Her apartment overlooks a very busy highway that appeared to be a six lane road. We saw two vehicles on it. Her country is taking a very serious approach to the lockdown. Not what I am seeing here in Illinois.

Some friends have lost their jobs or are looking down a long hallway and figuring that if they go down it to open the door at the end…then they will see their pink slip as well.

My kids have been doing homework from our kitchen table. I have kids who enjoy learning and who want to keep their grades up, so they will get up from a night of sleeping and get right to it.

The fifth grader, I must say, has been given very easy work to do.

We have been trying to stay as normal as possible in this time of quarantine.

I have put jeans on today.

We shower every day.

I have vacuumed every square inch of my house 20 times over.

I cleaned out the space where my oven meets the countertop…where the crumbs fall and get stuck by grease and other gunk created when cooking. That cleaning involved me taking a piece of cardboard off of a Kraft Shells and Cheese box and sliding it up and down until all of the greasy, crumby gunk fell out onto the kitchen floor.

Then I vacuumed that up.

I have my first Zoom call scheduled today at 2:00.

I am now scheduling when to talk to my friends who live out of my area.

On Saturday I watched a video about growing food from food you already have on hand.

I planted some green onions I had in the fridge that had grown roots.

I filled out my 2020 Census online.

Why did they want to know my nationality?

Umm, I’m an American.

I have also taken to buying shit online.

I have purchased a little wireless keyboard that I can use with my phone or our iPad. I’m typing on it right now and it’s so handy.

I have bought some fridge magnets of my husband and our kids.

I’m waiting on an elevated pet feeding station for the dog to use.

And Zoe ordered a package of erasable pens that should be here tomorrow.

I don’t normally see too many people living out here in the country.

I get up every morning and do the barn chores…letting the chickens out of their coop, opening doors and filling water buckets.

Cleaning up last night’s poo and laying down fresh bedding.

Distributing hay and feed with the occasional treat to everyone.

Today’s list of “things to do” include…

Organizing the cat/laundry room.

Finishing up the movie The Farewell on Amazon Prime. It’s really good if you haven’t seen it yet. I have about 15 minutes left of it to watch.

I had to stop watching it last night because Gigi wanted to watch the latest version of Pet Sematary.

It was bad, folks.

Very bad.

The original and, of course, the book were so much better.

What are you doing to keep busy and sane during this global quarantine?

4 thoughts on “What are you doing?

  1. I hemmed Cory’s dress pants. This was after I tried to put a hem back in a t-shirt, got it lodged in the sewing machine, cut it out, threw it away, and then cleaned the sewing machine. It didn’t work, watched a video on how to clean it, disassembled, re-assembled, finished hemming pants. Ironed dresser scarves. Cooked corn beef and cabbage and took it to the boys (it smells like butts but it was good.) Looking at my office and thinking I should organize this. Baked cookies. Hung pictures. Worked on flower beds, but waiting on carpenter to finish replacing the fence before I can finish. He can’t finish until it quits raining. Checking on my friends and neighbors to see if they need any help. Talking to that same niece. I think she’s getting stir crazy….LOL. Calling all family to see if they are ok. You never answered the message. Eating out occasionally by driving up to my favorite restaurants for take out. I really want them to make it through this. Shopping occasionally and marveling at what is missing from grocery shelves. Watching arguments at check out as people are told they can only buy one medically necessary bottle of distilled water. Shopping on-line for non-perishables. I had 3 boxes delivered from Amazon yesterday. Looking up price of Amazon stock. Seeing the price and wondering if I can buy 1.

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  2. My newish part time job is remote now, so I work from home till one each day. Then I try to do the most urgent tasks, take my dog for a walk, figure out supper – somehow the day passes. I read too – a lot of cozy mysteries. And every so often I watch a favorite DVD. I do several crafty things, but my creative side is in a bit of a funk right now. Never mind, it will come back. It is good to hear that all is well at Cheshire Farm!

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