Things I Wish I Knew

Things I wish I had asked my husband prior to his death…and things you may want to ask your significant other in case the unexpected becomes your reality, too…

his email password

his Facebook password

his other email password

his Twitter password

where the instructions for the ice cream maker are

his iPhone access code

where he keeps the life insurance information

where he put the key to the large pasture gate

how to make risotto

what is needed to do the taxes

how to help the kids with math homework

how to use the gas grill

who is the best guy to buy hay for the horse

how to fry an egg with a perfect runny yolk

where exactly does the furnace filter go and how often does it get changed

what was your favorite food as a child

did you read all of the Poirot novels on your list

were we enough

where do we go next

how are we to do this life

without you…

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