Start It Up

There are some things I would like to start doing this year…

-listen to some podcasts…doesn’t everyone have a podcast anymore?! What’s all of the hubbub about concerning podcasts? Now, I do like listening to talk radio (my talk radio station of choice is National Public Radio) so maybe I’ll like podcasts? Right at this very moment, I am listening to RuPaul on his podcast (don’t even ask me the name of it…I have no clue!) and he’s talking to actors Zoe Kravitz, Erica Ash, and Tim Bagley. I’m thoroughly entertained. Should I focus on funny podcasts? Thought provoking Oprahesque podcasts? News podcasts? Murder Mystery podcasts? If you have a fav that you thoroughly enjoy, send the info my way, okay?!

-exercise while listening to podcasts or while watching The Real Housewives. Man-Farmer assembled our new exercise bike yesterday, so I’m hoping that I’ll be biking my way to a thinner midsection by September.

-why September? I am going to a wedding in September. When you are my age, the weddings are few and far between anymore. Most friends have been married for years or they are divorced and have no intention of going down that road again! Or there are secret weddings that no one is invited to and so you find out months later, “oh, you got married? I had no idea. I would have bought you some towels.” My nephew has done this a few times. The wedding I will attending in the fall will be full of people from my past, lots of people who don’t have children so that they are thin (well, not all of them are thin) and travel a lot and they have lots of expendable money, people who DO and WILL judge me because that’s who they are. So, I need to lose some weight. Because I want to wear some great skinny legged pants with some heels, anything to elongate the lower body. Look good and you’ll feel good, right? Everyone knows that, but we tend to tell ourselves in the 21st Century that we should just “love ourselves no matter how we look”…whatevs. I know for a fact that I will love myself even more if I’m 20 pounds lighter. It will take work and some sweat and I’ll need to make good eating choices. But, I will feel better internally and I’ll like what I see when I look in the mirror and I hope I hear people whispering “wow, she looks pretty good” as I stroll past them on my way to get yet another bacon wrapped shrimp hors d’oeuvre. YES, I’ll be happy with a pretty good.

-paint. I need to paint some shit. Like rooms and the piano. Now, I hate to paint, so Man-Farmer will be delegated with the big paint jobs, but I’ll help. Gigi will help, she loves doing stuff like that. My bedroom needs to be painted. Our bathroom needs to be painted (or should I do a wallpaper?) and I need to paint the piano. I have wanted to paint the piano for a long time, it’s an ugly 1980’s brown. You know what I’m talking about right? The most unattractive and unnatural brown that was somehow created in the early 80s. Black? Should I paint it black? Blue? Should I paint it blue? Light blue? Dark blue? It sits smack dab in the middle of a wall in the dining room. White? But like a chalky white? A distressed white?

Are there some things you want to start up this year?

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