Fat Days

I have become fat.

I used to be thin.

I do blame the children.

The weight gained to birth them…the meals they didn’t fully consume so I “better finish that, we can’t waste food”…the birthday cakes made…

When I was in college I weighed 115 pounds.

I was a dancer. I had lean muscles. I sweat daily.

I haven’t been in college for 26 years.

Yes, I’m making excuses and harboring resentment to a life and body I once had.

I am fat by my own volition.

Too many baked goods.

Not enough movement.

Too many lattes.

Not enough movement.

Too much cheese.



Not enough movement.

My God woman, get up and move!

I say this to myself daily now.

It’s cold where I live and I like to walk/slowly run. But I like to do it outside.

It’s a reason I long for warm weather and an urban existence (sidewalks!) because both help you to become more mobile on a daily basis.

I dislike exercising with other people (but do enjoy walking…there it is again!…with my mom friend).

Man-Farmer has gotten fat, too.

I don’t really see it on him. I think he looks fine. He has other thoughts going on in his head about how he looks. He’s very upset with himself about his weight gain.

Our ages have crept up into the high 40s. When that happened is beyond my comprehension.

Sweet Bajesus, I’ll be 50 soon.

I feel dizzy.

It has been so tootin’ easy to gain the extra weight I carry around (I did lose 20 pounds when my kid was sick…extreme stress stifles my appetite I guess).

And it’s going to be a bitch to get the weight off. That’s what everyone says.

But Man-Farmer and I have a plan.

We have bought an indoor bike.

Man-Farmer is an avid bicycle commuter, but has slacked off a bit this year. Hence, his self -anger issues.

The bike should be here next week. We had to order it. It’s nothing fancy. It ain’t no Peloton. It is a basic bike that moves your legs in a cylindrical motion.


-heart rates increase

-bad inner body levels decrease

-muscle masses increase

-body fats decrease

…and we can get back to a less fatty and more healthy existence. Because for both of us, it’s all about health these days.

I hope I don’t have to fight the damn kids over the bike.

Haven’t they done enough damage already?

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