Winter Ups and Downs

It’s not even officially winter yet, but it’s come in faster and colder than ever. We have had a very early snowfall in November. My kids have already had a “snow day” off from school. Their school was the only one off that day…I can count 8 school districts within a 20 or so minute driving distance from our house. Is that normal?




Cold and snowy and windy.


Every season that isn’t summer isn’t my favorite anymore.

Both of my kids were born in cold months. And both of my kids complain that they were born in cold months. Oh, gee, I hope that THEY consult with their children before they birth them when they would like to be born. Weirdos.

The baby just turned ten years old. She got a trampoline…she’s on a competitive trampoline team so I feel comfortable with her abilities on it…and since the pool has gone kaput we feel comfortable inserting another death trap (broken-neck death trap) on the farm as the drowning death trap has fallen apart.

The blonde tornado has hit her first decade of life and we are working on helping her to become more independent. She definitely displays typical “baby in the family” traits. Which I think I may have fanned the flames on that one by always calling her “the baby.”



She wanted a Harry Potter themed party this year. Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to party planning for my kids.

I love to bake and try to make my kids’ cakes every year. Something is off with my cakes though. They always come out dry.



Thanksgiving was at our house this year.

Man-Farmer made his famous (well, famous in our family) bacon wrapped turkey. He shoves citrus fruit in the body cavity and shoves butter under the skin. Then wraps the breasts in bacon. This method always produces a super moist bird.

My dad’s cousin and her family came over. My brother and his wife drove in from Tennessee.

These two kiddos are cousins, Zoe and Ty. They are two years apart in age. Aren’t they cute?!

The weather was actually nice on Thanksgiving at the farm. We were able to go outside and take a walk around the barnyard after lunch while the kids jumped on the trampoline.

I am hoping this winter isn’t too cold. We have some geriatric animals on the farm these days, including our goat Tulip and a hen named Pepper. They don’t seem to tolerate the cold like they used to. Pepper is actually in the house today. She spent the night in the dining room. She looked about frozen when we put the hens to bed last night.

I may look into a chicken diaper for her.

Is that weird?

Ahh, who gives a shit if it is…

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