Fall Farm Update

Fall has arrived…of course it came in with a wham.

One day it was warm and summer-like and the next day it was cool and Autumn.

The chickens are laying so many eggs that we can’t keep up with the demand. I took two 18 packs to my cousins at a family birthday gathering a few weeks ago to help lighten the load. It helped in a minuscule way. I saw a post on Instagram this morning about making candles with empty egg shells. I may look into that more. That would make some nice gifts.

I was hit with a cold bug and felt horrible for well over a week. I substitute teach at my kids’ schools and my immunity must not be what it used to be. It completely wiped me out and seriously affected my baking abilities. It was so weird. I made some banana nut muffins that were so horrendous I had to throw them right into the garbage can in the kitchen. I made a loaf of homemade bread (something I do so often that I don’t need to look at a recipe anymore) and I didn’t add enough salt. It was horrible. I fed it to the horse and the goat.

Thankfully my baking mojo has returned as I made a tres leches cake yesterday and it is delicious.

Here’s hoping I don’t get sick again anytime soon because the baby in the house turns ten years old next week and I’ll have to do some cake baking.

The trees along the southern edge of our yard turned the most vibrant colors this year. Usually only the tree on the far right changes to a yellow color in the autumn months, but this year the entire row went through the most marvelous transformation.

From yellow to orange to red.

It made me so happy.

We took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with my parents. We go to a patch in Champaign/Urbana, home of the University of Illinois. We always go on a Sunday and eat lunch at their cafe. It’s delicious food and they grow an astonishing array of pumpkins and gourds as well as apple varieties. They also sell their internationally award winning honey and the best homemade apple donuts. I always get the ham and bean soup with cornbread for lunch, so does my mom, and this year we noticed the soup looked different. They must have used a new recipe. It was awesome.

Our chicken Pepper has become more of a loaner this Fall. She tends to hang out more in the coop by herself. If she does go outside I often see her all alone. George Washington does pick (or shall I say peck) on her a lot. I wonder if she’ll make it through the winter? I think I wondered the same thing last year.

My kids went trick or treating on Wednesday. Zoe has a school Halloween dance where she and her friends entered as a group in the costume contest. They were characters from a Disney show called a Gravity Falls. It’s a cartoon (it’s very funny actually) and my kid dressed up as a triangle named Bill Cipher. But she created the cosplay version of Bill. We couldn’t find the right yellow wig, so she just went with her own hair.

Gigi had started out the pre-Halloween season saying she was going to be Russell from the UP movie. Nope. She didn’t want to do that. Then she decided to be The Cat In The Hat. Nope. She nixed that, too. She finally decided on…a deer. So, I made a deer costume. I made the ears and the skirt and the tail.

Here’s to Fall!

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