My Mistakes

I’ve made quite a few mistakes in the past week.

I am confident in myself to publicly say “I’ve made a mistake”…or two. Or more

Here they are…

The chicken was not eaten by a predator.  Ducky MoMo was hiding in the hayloft.  The same hayloft that we had canvassed four times already.  But, it’s dark up there.  And she was hiding up there sitting on 10 eggs.  Oh, boy!  Another broody chicken!  A broody chicken will decide that she must sit on eggs because she wants them to hatch.  Her growing babies need constant warmth and security so she must stay on her eggs and not eat or drink or dust bathe or be a normal chicken.  But, we don’t have a rooster.  There are no growing babies in any of our chicken eggs.  She has (and this is purely in professional speak, here) gone cuckoo.  So, we took her off of the nest, threw her eggs away, and put her out with the other chickens.  A few hours later I went to check on her and cuckoo chicken was right back up in the hayloft.  So, we captured her again (which is not an easy feat-she got all puffed up like a turkey and was making these weird and creepy witch-like cackley sounds at us as she was bouncing from one roof rafter to another) and we put her in the duck house.  It’s completely closed off from the rest of the barn.  There is no way out and she spent two days in chicken jail.  She seems to be okay today.  Back with the flock.  Running around with the other ladies.  BUT, I just went out to the barn to check on everyone and she was being loud and kind of flighty.  I hope I don’t have to climb the ladder up into the hayloft again today…


Google things BEFORE you put them in your mouth.  If you aren’t sure…get on the internet and research the thing in your hand if you aren’t quite sure if it’s edible.  Because the other day I had Man-Farmer pull a persimmon off of one of our American Persimmon trees and I was going to eat it.  Oh, the smell!  It smelled SO GOOD!  He did mention that he thought they weren’t ripe yet, he thought they needed another month or so before they were ready.  Oh, ppfff.  They look fine to me.  And the smell again…divine!  So, I took it in the house and peeled the tiny skin off because it’s kinda gross.  There are large seeds in persimmons, so I just began sucking the sweet and delicious fruit from around the seed.  Zoe came in the kitchen and I gave her a piece.  She began sucking too.  “Good, huh?!” I said to her and she was nodding at me.  Then suddenly we froze.  Both of us.  And we about died.  Because the persimmons were not ripe yet.  And the tannins in the unripe persimmon were turning our once sweet experience into something atrocious.  It suddenly felt like we were eating chalk.  Lots of chalk.  We spit out the seeds and went for water. Water wasn’t helping.  CANDY CORN!  We grabbed handfuls from the chicken candy dish in the kitchen and started shoving it in.  It helped.  The chalky, fuzzy taste did linger for a while more.  It was then that I googled persimmons.  And, no, they were not ripe.  Man-Farmer was right on this one.  They need to go through two frosts (really?!) and they will look bad, but that’s when they are good.  HUH?  But, they look good now.  All pretty and peachy and they smell so good.  But, they aren’t ready yet.  Now I know!  In case you are curious…here’s the link.


I guess the youngest kid does not want to be a chubby Asian boyscout from Disney’s Up for Halloween.
“No one will know who I am” she has now stated.
“Well, what are you thinking of being now?”
Just stares…She just stares at me.
“I have no idea mother.”
Ummm, okay.  I hope she decides soon.

Speaking of the youngest kid…she was painting one of her squishy toys on our dining room table yesterday and I said “you aren’t going to put something on the table since you’re using paint?”…
“No, I’m not”…
“But, it’s paint.  On our table”
“Mom, this table has been through a lot, it’s fine…paint is not an issue…you know there are boogers and pencils markings all over the bottom of the table, right?”
OH, the boogers and pencil marks that you put there…along with the fork and knife scratches all over the top of the table.
My mistake…you do what you want kid…insert eye roll now…



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