Where’s Ducky MoMo?

I’m missing a chicken.

Well, I was missing a chicken, but then she was there.

Smack dab in the middle of the flock.

Then she was gone again.

Nowhere to be seen when it’s time to lock up the hens when the sun has gone down.

Chickens will instinctually head to the chicken coop when it’s dusk.  They will get all settled in on their favorite roosting area.  Some will roost on the bars to the left of the nesting boxes.  Some will sit on top of the nesting boxes.  And the two Rhode Island Red hens, Irene and Rocky, have decided to roost at night on two milk crates that we nailed to the wall.  I was hoping to use them as more nesting boxes, but no one has layed an egg in them.  Instead the red girls have decided to sleep on top of them at night.  Pepper, our old blind-in-one-eye Light Brahma hen, actually sleeps in a nesting box all night.  She’s old, I’ll cut her some slack.


The ducklings started sleeping in the chicken coop once they figured out where the door was and so we let them.  It’s actually easier than trying to corral them into the duck house at night.  The 3 big ducks sleep with the horse and the goat.  I think.  We don’t put them up at night and so I’m not 100% sure.

Well, Ducky MoMo, our most majestic looking Ameraucana hen, has been MIA when the sun has set and the coop is being locked up at night.

But, she shows up eventually.

We have looked everywhere for her…in the hidey holes in the barn, in the hayloft, in the side room of the barn where we store our lawnmowers and tractor, in the tree covered area by the old well house that fell down.

She is no where to be found.

Then, voila, she’s there with the flock again.


I haven’t seen her in three days now, though.

This is the longest she’s gone missing and now I wonder if she’s actually really, truly gone.

We have hawks.

We have owls.

We have coyote.

We have raccoons.

We have fox.

Ducky MoMo has become a very cocky hen (pun intended) and I think has decided she doesn’t need the assistance of the humans.

And it may have been her downfall.




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