8 Years Ago…

8 years ago today my husband and I got the wind knocked out of us simultaneously.

8 years ago today our life-view was forever changed.

8 years ago today I thought I would have to live without my daughter.

8 years ago today I learned what it was really like to live with hope.

8 years ago today our daughter was diagnosed with cancer.


And she cried.

And she was confused.

And she endured.


She also laughed.

And she found joy.

And she fought.

She’s alive.

And I will move heaven and earth any day for her.

I will always help her to find the light.

I will always put her dreams first.

I will always cherish her.

I will always love being her mom.

I have two daughters.

And each daughter was affected by childhood cancer.

The one struck down with disease found her way out of the darkness that took over her small, yet-to-even-begin-to-be-lived, life.

She overcame and has come out fearless.

The other sister has lingering effects. And she never took the poisons that were administered via IVs and sharp injectable needles. Her effects are internal and present themselves as anxiety-fear-panic. Fears that no one but her can see. We fight for her to see the light, too.

I think our family will always be affected by childhood cancer.

It was an unwelcome guest for but two and half years of our lives.

But reminders of its visit enter our home far too often.

The parental fear for both of our daughters’ futures has forever been heightened.

8 years ago today our family’s story was radically altered from the one that had been envisioned.

And that story is still unfolding before our eyes.







life is short

and can change in an instant

don’t fret about little things

hug your kids every day

kiss them often

lay with them in the grass and look skyward at clouds

teach them to laugh loudly and often

let them eat marshmallows for breakfast occasionally

go on roller coasters with them

cheer the loudest for them in whatever they do

and be their voice when they have none

teach them that hope has power

cuddle with them even when they say they don’t want to

because they want to…

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