Of Cats and Chores

The farm has been ordinary and boring as of late.

Which is always a good thing.

Boring is good.

We have seen a Milkweed twin in the yard a few times.

It seems she has a sister outside and we can’t get close to her.

She has hidden in our garage and Man-Farmer put up his trail camera in the barn (where we saw her running to one morning) and he caught her overnight on camera eating the kitten food we left out.

But, she’s like a ghost.

Here one minute and completely gone the next.

Milkweed is really enjoying her life in our house.

She sleeps soundly on the couch.

She makes cat-biscuits with her sweet little paws on my bed as she purrs and squints her eyes shut.

She has become friends with our cat Popcorn.

The other cats are learning to tolerate her.

The dog is afraid of her.

She likes to stalk him and will JUMP out at him as he’s walking down the hallway.

He’s 75 pounds of scaredy dog.

The ducklings are two months old now and they look like ducks now.  Not fuzzy ducklings or in-betweeners with half fuzz/half feather looks going on.  They seem to be standing up like our Indian Runner duck males and are the color of their mother who was a brown Khaki Campbell duck.

They are more sociable with us than the older ducks have ever been.

We can sit next to their pool as they are swimming and they stay in the water.

The other ducks run in fear from us when we get near them.

Charlie is the only duck that gets somewhat close to me.

Fall is coming and with that will be winter.

The animals tend to eat more and poop more when it’s cold.

Chores never stop on the farm.

Stalls and coops need to be cleaned out on a regular basis.

I like to make treats for the animlas year round.

Berries frozen in ice cubes in the summer.

A cabbage bought from the store in winter as a crisp treat in the cold months.

Our barn fan died yesterday, so I need to replace that before long.  Warm weather hasn’t left us quite yet.

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