Farm Update

The ducklings are looking like ducks now.

They almost have all of their feathers.

They swam in a pool for the first time this week.

IMG_6113Snapseed - Copy (4)

Some of the ducklings have bald spots on their heads.  The big ducks have been seen chasing them around.  When the big ducks catch the little ducks that peck them on the head.  So hard that they are pulling out their fuzzy hair.  Stupid big ducks.

These ducklings are exhibiting true duck behavior in that they are spazzy and run crazy from us even though we have reared them from the moment they were born.

Ducks are not like chickens.

Chickens are friendly and want to chill with you when you are in their space.

Ducks run from us and think we are out to murder them when we are walking in their general vicinity.

Snapseed - Copy (2)

All of the ducks, and the chickens, have learned to stay out of the horse’s way.  She can run into the barnyard from a pasture area at top speed (she likes to pretend she’s a racehorse from time to time) and the poultry have learned to get the hell out of her way!

Summer is still here and the bugs are at a peak.

I hate the bugs.

We are constantly walking through unseen spider webs as we progress anywhere around the yard.  Man-Farmer got hit square in the face this morning when we went into the garage to head to the farm store.  There was a web going from one side of the garage door opening to the other.  He did his “oh gawd, I just walked through a spider web” dance before getting in the car.

I like the warmth of summer, but with that comes flying and crawling creatures on my face when I’m trying to fill water buckets or hose down the horse.

Snapseed - Copy (6)

I don’t like the cold.

It bites me through my coat and once I’m cold I can never get warm.

Not until May.

Man-Farmer wants to live somewhere that is consistently 75 degrees.

Does anyone know where that may be?

I have no idea where that would be.

Enjoy these pictures I’ve taken lately of the farm…

Snapseed - Copy (5)IMG_5693FullSizeRender - Copy (6)IMG_5813

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