The Pool In The Woods

It feels like it’s 98 degrees outside.

That’s what my phone says and I believe it.

The heat is bearing down on us at the farm and our pool looks like this…


The water has been drained and the big pink flamingo is forced to stare at what used to be his summer home.

The water was drained because we just couldn’t get the water clear and blue this season.  We opened the pool early this year, in early May, because the weather was so warm.  I think it was the earliest opening we have had.  This is the 8th summer of swimming in this pool.  And this is the first summer it hasn’t cooperated for us.  We have been able to enjoy it maybe 5 times.  It’s a bummer.


It has had a consistent green tinge to it.

It has even turned neon green twice.


We were fed up with the amount of money that we have spent trying to correct it and decided, all four of us decided, to just drain the whole thing.  Something is terribly wrong.

Man-Farmer scrubbed it with a big brush.

He’s going to get more sand at some point and reload the sand filter.

It was last changed three years ago.

We used to use salt in this pool when it was first installed.  We had a salt chlorinator and it was great.  Man-Farmer would dump bags of water softener salt into the pool at the beginning of the swimming season and that was it.  The salt chlorinator made chlorine for the pool with the salt.  I have zero idea how that works, but it does!  He would add a bag of salt occasionally until he closed it up in the fall…depending on how much rain we received or how hot it was.

While the salt chlorinator worked really well, it did corrode the top ring of the pool.  You know, the top ring that holds the pool up.  A very vital part of the pool itself.

And because the ring has corroded, rusted pieces of metal are dropping into the pool screwing up the PH.

The salt chlorinator died in 2017.  So, Man-Farmer has been using traditional measures when it comes to pool care since last year.

Chlorine tablets.



Blah, blah, blah.

We didn’t have any problems last year.

Man-Farmer and the lady at the pool store have become besties this season.  And he and I have both scoured the internet for what other people have done with their pools when neon green pool water enters their lives.

So, before you offer up advice…we have really tried it all this year.

And spent so much money trying to fix it that we could have bought a membership at the local swim club.

A swim club like this…



A pool with clear, blue water.  Not a tinge of green at all in there!

We are going to try again next year.

We will refill the whole darn thing and start fresh.

If that doesn’t work, I think I know where our new garden will be.

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