A Look Inside My Garage

Why would anyone want to look inside my garage?

I don’t know, but I see it everyday and there’s some interesting stuff in it.

It’s not fancy.  It’s not in the best shape.  It’s disorganized. It’s dirty.  It’s a farm garage.

This garage has been around since my grandparents time.

If you don’t already know this…my house has been in our family (my dad’s mother’s side) since the early 1900s.

My Great, Great, Great Uncle William Elmer Surface (everyone called him W.E.) bought and built up the grounds here.  He had a dairy farm and was the VP of Fairies Manufacturing in Decatur, IL.  Fairies manufactured metal stuff…I don’t remember exactly what kinds of metal things.


This is W.E. on his front porch…

FullSizeRender - Copy (2)

This is the same front porch today and it’s now my front porch…


My Grandmother Dorothy and her parents and extended family on the front porch…


The current residents on the same front porch…

The house used to be bigger than it is now.  My Great Grandfather Walter inherited the house from his Uncle W.E. and his eldest child, my Grandmother Dorothy, inherited the house after her father moved out.  My Father grew up in this house.  And now I live here with my children.  My Grandmother died when I was in my early 20s and her husband, Vern-My Grandpa, lived here until he was in his early 90s and my dad thought it would be safer for him to move to an assisted living facility because he kept climbing onto the roof of the house to fix the gutters.  That’s when I inherited the house.  My Grandmother had torn down the second floor and tore out the original dining room and kitchen to redo them.  So, the living room and bedrooms/bathroom/laundry room (which used to be a small kitchen)  are original and our dining room/kitchen are the new parts of the house.  New as in 1960.


My Grandmother and her sister Marie with their dog in front of the original house.


Same view decades later…

There used to be many outbuildings…chicken coops, corn cribs, a huge dairy barn.  What we have now are a small section of the original barn and a garage that was built in…I have no idea when.

When my Grandfather left this house he left all of his stuff.

And Grandpa liked his stuff.

His freezer was full of tubs and bags of shelled black walnuts.  Some probably dated back to the 1970s.  Our farm has A LOT of black walnut trees on it and black walnuts are more bitter to the taste buds than the milder English walnuts you find in the store.  Nowadays, black walnuts on our property are only enjoyed by the squirrels.

He also left all of his oils and paints and chemicals in the garage and in the barn.

We had numerous (really, too many to count) empty drum barrels on the property that we needed to get rid of.  Barrels that used to hold oil or something.

It’s hard to get rid of chemicals and paints.  There are only certain places to take this old stuff and we have disposed of some containers through the years, but there’s still some stuff in the garage.

I guess Man-Farmer is keeping it for “just in case” days or it’s somehow nostalgic for him?

Who knows.

Here’s a look inside my garage…


My Grandpa’s straw hat and my family’s bicycle helmets…



Mary watching over everything…


My Grandpa wrote done his To-Do Lists and Shopping Lists on the walls of the garage.
Here are some plants he was going to get…


And the key on the wall in this photo…no idea what that’s for.


We still have the family tractor which is a Massey-Harris tractor, so the writing at the top of the photo above relates to a plug that Grandpa was going to need for it.

I have no idea what these hoops are for…


A more current addition to the garage. My family decorated a tree in our town’s central park in 2011 (I think) and this was the sign attached to the tree.



My Grandfather’s fishing rods still sit in a corner.




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