Talk More

Self-Checkout machines at the grocery stores are making us anti-social.

Self-Checkout machines at Target are forcing me to NOT have a pleasant conversation with the team member in the lane I chose as she scans my lip gloss.

Self-Checkout machines are pushing us farther away from one another in a time when we should be getting to know one another more.

I remember going to Kroger and standing in a line that yes, was a bit longer than the other lines were at the moment, but I stood in that long line because I liked the check out gal in that line.  She was always friendly and asked how my day was going.

A connection between people that has started to diminish in this day of self-checkouts.

Computers are all great and I appreciate the filters that Snapchat provides me as they give me hours upon hours of enjoyment, but the day of AI taking over our lives has begun

It all started with automatic car washes and it’s spreading fast.

Self-checkouts at the grocery store.

Drones delivering packages full of crap we don’t even need that we have bought using our laptop while we sit on our couch in our underwear.  In the dark.  Instead of going to the mall that’s full of color and music and other people.

Telecommunication with doctors instead of going into the office for a real sit-down chat about our aches and pains.  And our depression.

Online college courses instead of sitting in a room full of other people who have different views and who can help you learn new perspectives while you, in turn, hit them with your unique and thought provoking perspective as well.  Seeing different viewpoints and creating friendships.

Netflix at home to watch movies so you don’t have to go out and sit in a room full of people at the theater.  A theater where everyone laughs at the punch line together or screams when the monster jumps out one last time.

We are becoming more distant with one another on a daily basis and heck, we didn’t even know it was happening.

So, next time you are at your favorite store, DON’T use the self-checkout machine.

Stand in a line and chat up the people around you.  Chat it up with the checkout gal or guy once you get your turn to have your goodies scanned.

Go to the movie and laugh out loud during the funny parts because laughter is contagious.

Do it for humanity.

Do it for your sanity.

Now, I must confess, I do utilize technology to interact with my friends who live far away.  Texting and email and Snapchatting (my new favorite)…all of these methods of communication are my go-to ways to talk to my friends and family.

I like them because they are super easy to use, super fast to send, and super quick to get a response back from your audience.

And because no one uses a telephone to call one another anymore.
Except for my mom and her generation.
And my friend Mark.

Even my kids’ doctor appointments and appointments for the animals with their doctors are through text messages.

I have learned that even with all of the advances with technology though, some people still are too busy to communicate.

In this day of AI, communicating with those you care about is more important than ever.

I don’t want to be too busy to respond to an email.

I don’t want to be too busy to respond to a text.

I don’t EVER want to be too busy to be a good friend.

I don’t think people in my life who fail to communicate with me are too busy, either.

Maybe they are just stuck in self-checkout lines and their stuff isn’t scanning properly and they are waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting…







2 thoughts on “Talk More

  1. Yep, I completely agree, yet am a hypocrite. I try not to be the person in a hurry, but I get caught up in the “lickity split” of life today. I always think to myself, I’m going to call a friend instead of text or send a thinking of you card, but that’s where it stays…a thought.

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