Farm Notecards

I mentioned a while back that I was considering making photo notecards to sell at a new shop that opened in my town.

Well, after some trial and error, I managed to figure out HOW to create these photo notecards and have indeed begun selling them at the shop.

The shop is called The ArtFarm. It’s located in downtown Decatur, IL. It has a great location as it’s right across the street from the local historical site that Decatur is well known for, The Transfer House.

The Transfer House was originally located in the middle of an intersection a few blocks away from where it now resides. It was the main transportation hub/switcheroo to another streetcar line in your journey throughout Decatur beginning in 1896. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places.

So, I took my wares in one morning for the shop owner Peggy to display. Peggy is the ex-sister-in-law to one of my oldest friends. She’s a cool gal with big aspirations to bring local art to the masses.

Her new shop is da bomb!

It’s eclectic and hip and inspiring.

She gladly welcomed my photo notecards into the mix. My notecards feature photos of my farm pets. I’ve printed up the photos in a 4×4 size (processed through Shutterfly) and then used spray adhesive to fix them to the front of a blank notecard. The back of the notecard says “Cheshire Farm Photos–Decatur, IL”. I include an envelope and tie it all together with some colorful needlepoint floss. Simple and effective, I thought. I also included a few notecards featuring sunsets taken from my front yard. Sunsets featuring pink and orange and deep blue skies.

I also took in a few earrings that I made. I have started to wear more dangly earrings and went to the craft store for supplies. I’ve made some tasseled earrings and some silver earrings. Nothing too fancy, but I think they are cute and they bring a smile to my face.




3 thoughts on “Farm Notecards

  1. Jennifer, how much are a pack of your notecards? Could I send you and check including shipping and handling and the envelope to ship, for a pack? I’d love to give a pack of them to Loretta for Mother’s day as a surprise.


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