Lime Green Walls

I’m airing my dirty laundry today.

I’m a tad bit embarrassed to tell you about this…the shame doesn’t go very deep though.

Here it goes…

I sleep in a kiddie bedroom.


Man-Farmer and I need a serious bedroom re-do.

I want to paint the walls…well, I will pick the paint color and help Man-Farmer paint it, but I’m sure I’ll get distracted by something a quarter of the way through the task and let him finish on his own.

I want to get a new dresser or paint the one we have.

The curtains are old Ikea models. I’m not really a fan of curtains in general.  None of our windows have full size curtains in them.  But, I like curtains in bedrooms to keep things dark and to prevent a possible visitor puling up in our driveway from seeing a nude human rushing to the bedroom dresser to get underwear on after a shower.

The décor on the walls are just a hodgepodge of things.  A Scream mask signed by Wes Craven, a pencil sketch of Zoe as a baby done by her cousin Molly, drawings of our family that Zoe made when she was a toddler.

Our bedding consists of comforters the kids don’t use anymore and pillowcases that they get from summer camp and cases that Zoe got when she was hospitalized years ago.  Every time she entered for a day visit or an overnight stay, she was given a new handmade pillowcase.  Which means my husband and I put our brains to bed each night resting on Scooby Doo, Miley Cyrus, and farm animal pillows.


It’s just been easier to not think about what happens in our bedroom and to just use what I have sitting around.  And it’s ridiculous.

I am feeling as if this part of our house is the only part that isn’t in line with the rest of the décor I have going on.  I have tried hard to make the living room and kitchen/dining, even our lone bathroom, areas more grown up.  As the kids are getting older, their toys are dwindling in number and what they do have I try to corral into their shared bedroom.  When they do go away for long periods of time…i.e. summer camp, I throw things away in their room that they never look at.  I have been doing the throw away plan for almost 7 years now and I have yet to hear “where’s my *insert stupid toy name here* that I love so much?!”  They never miss the discarded crap.  Ever.

Man-Farmer and I’s bedroom is this horrible lime green color.  Because at one point, he and I had the larger of the two bedrooms.  And the room we use now belonged to two small girls.  But, as they got bigger we agreed to switch with them to give them the bigger closet.  So, we are shoved into a small room with a small closet and it’s lime green walls.

Last night as we lay in bed, with our heads on pillows covered in purple cats and fat pink pigs, I looked around at the neon color that shot into my brain as I was trying to relax and get into the sleep mode and said to Man-Farmer “we need to paint this room.”

He began to snore.

Fake snoring would not get him out of this new idea of mine.  He doesn’t really like the green room.  Yet, he doesn’t really care that much about changing it.  He’s ambivalent.  I’m ready to give him that little push to change it.

It’s time for an adult bedroom.  Time to make a more peaceful sleeping spot.  Serenity needs to make it’s way into the front bedroom in our old farmhouse.  The green needs to be replaced by a more neutral color.  I’m thinking grays and creams and pale blues.  Soft pinks and pale, pale yellows.  Maybe Man-Farmer and I would sleep a bit better.  We both wake up before the sun rises.  Me, usually between 3 and 4 in the morning.  He, usually at 5am.  Maybe we need a new mattress.  Or maybe our brains are shouting at us that we need a calmer and more serene environment to relax in.

Get your paintin’ pants on Man-Farmer!

I’m cleaning out the bedroom so you we can get to work!

To be continued…

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