The Door

We have a large living room.

Not “California owned by a millionaire and surrounded by floor to ceiling windows for an expansive view of the Pacific” large.

Just “Illinois farmhouse built in 1900” large.

And I’m not very good at figuring out where to put furniture.

A large brick wall with a fireplace encompasses one entire wall.  Along with a built in bookcase to it’s left.

The largest bank of windows face west, opposite the fireplace wall.  The windows are drafty and so we don’t put our couch against it in the winter.

There’s always a large open space in the middle of the room.

Large enough that Gigi can put her tumbling mat down to practice her back walkovers and amaze us with her ability to split herself right down the middle.

Her father cringes every time she jumps top speed into a full split.

I saw an old door in the barn a while back.

It looked pretty solid…no rot.

I started perusing Pinterest to see if I could find any ideas of how to make a coffee table from an old door.  I found a few pictures that were similar to what I wanted in my living room.

So, off to Menards I went.

I found a guy who worked in the wood department and when he asked me if I needed any help, I said “Yes, I want to make a coffee table like this (showed him my picture from Pinterest of a door-table I had found that I liked) and I need some wood for the legs.”

You would have thought I was asking him for platinum encrusted giraffe feet.

After asking 3 other male workers and showing them all the picture from my phone of the idea I had, I was finally sold a piece of wood that cost $4.36.

“You’ve got to go to the wood yard behind the store to get that piece” said the third guy.

When I pulled up to the south barn in the wood yard, the guy who would be getting my piece of 4×4 wood said that they had sold me something they didn’t even have.  I explained my story to him that I wanted to build a coffee table and I just needed some square legs because I already had the door.  He went back inside and spoke to the guy who had finally sold me the 4×4.  After a few minutes he came back out, shaking his head and quietly cursing the guys who work inside.

“I’ll just need to cut you a piece, meet me at the saw.”

Once I got my cut piece of wood I said “who knew getting feet for a coffee table would be so hard.”

I brought the wood that would eventually be the legs for a table home.

Man-Farmer doesn’t have a fancy saw like my dad, so we took the old door and the 4×4 piece of wood to my dad’s garage.  My dad sawed a bit of the door off so it would be about 5 feet long, cut the legs down to size, and Man-Farmer sanded everything down to prevent splinters.

He attached the legs with some brackets he got and I painted the legs a grey color.

A few ornate door knob plates have been sitting around since Man-Farmer found them a few years ago in our basement.  He attached one and it fit perfectly.  It may have resided on this exact door many years ago and it’s home again.  My dad said he thought the door may have come from the once second-floor that our house had.  A second floor that I wish still existed.

Now my living room doesn’t have such an open space in the middle of it anymore.

It now has a rustic door-coffee table in it.




Really cute.


2 thoughts on “The Door

  1. The table is wonderful! One reason I like to go to our local hardware store is the staff there (several men and one very sassy hilarious woman) know what they are talking about. And if one doesn’t, they call over the one who does (which quite frequently is the very sassy female crew member.)

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    • I LOVE local hardware stores. Unfortunately they don’t sell big pieces of wood like the big stores do. I used to go to this great hardware store in Chicago and I miss it every time I need to do a project!


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