Did You Know?

Did you know that if you let your teen daughter (who isn’t officially a teenager for two more weeks, but it’s close enough so I’m just going to call her a teen from now on) go online to Amazon to buy something with her Christmas gift cards that she will, without a doubt, buy something from China that will take 2 months to arrive at her doorstep?  And when her younger sister, who ALSO bought something on Amazon with her Christmas gift cards, gets a package in the mail 3 days after hitting “Place Order” on the site the teen will begin to question her shopping methods.

Because her Stranger Things-Hawkins Middle School AV Club t-shirt is coming via donkey direct from the continent of Asia.

“It is?” she moaned.

“Yes girl” her mother told her, “a donkey has your shirt on it’s back right now and it’s trekking across the mountains hoping to make the ferry to cross the sea.”

Did you know that if you put a hunk of frozen, organic, grass-fed beef into your crockpot because you are going to have tacos for dinner at 6:00 and don’t realize for a whole hour that “oops, I didn’t put any liquid into the crockpot” and then you pour some liquid into the crockpot that has been on high for 60 minutes that it will begin to crack in a slow, zigzaggy way around the entire bowl and it will both sound and look like a scene right out of the movie Ice Age where the earth cracks right in front of Scrat the prehistoric squirrel?

I think I made the same squirrel-pitched scream.


Did you know that there are some people who know everything about everything and that they will give you advice even when you haven’t asked for it?  That there are some people who have a hard time listening and saying “good for you” or “wow, that’s amazing” or “have a great time” or “I’m sorry.”

They insist on giving you their two cents.  When what you really wanted to do was to tell a story or get something off of your chest.  You didn’t go in asking for advice…that usually begins with a “Can you help me out?” or a “What do you think about this?”  I think there are some people who just CAN’T help telling you how to be smart like they are.  Some people are bad at listening and good at talking.  I’ve tried really hard (and I’m still working on this) to be better at listening and to give my advice only when it’s asked for.

Speaking of giving advice, my friend who has been dipping her toes into the world of online dating, has been communicating with me about her matches.

I have written here about whether or not I am capable of Giving Advice to someone who is dating.  I have begun to think about my own partner and how when we met, we just seemed to know that this was it.  We had found that special someone.  We had only been dating for 10 months when we got married.  So, my new advice for her is this…

Did you know that you will just know?

I think that’s my best advice…when you find someone who you click with, who makes you feel like your best self, who makes you feel safe…you just know.  This is it.  It can take months, weeks, days…it shouldn’t take years, though.

And we should all be happy for one another.  We should smile and yell HOORAY for those that find love.  It’s not really our place to decide if this person is the best for our friend.  We want that friend to be safe, of course we want that, but learning about someone’s inner soul is a private matter.  And if it doesn’t work out, we should be there with love and support and not I told you so’s.

Did you know that we are each other’s greatest support?

If we just listen…

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