Farm Photography

I’m trying something new.

Something I’ve thought about doing, but didn’t know really how to get started.

Or how to present my idea to the public.

But, fate and time have intersected and now I’m gonna give it a go.

I’m going to make some of my farm photos into notecards to sell at a local shop.

My friend’s ex-sister-in-law has opened a storefront in our Central Illinois town and it will sell art from local artisans.  The shop just opened last week.  It’s in a great location, downtown across from central park, and she said “YES” when I asked her if I could bring in some farm photo notecards to sell.

The shop’s name is The Art Farm, so my animal pictures should fit right in.

I’ve had some issues with figuring out HOW to get my images onto the notecards.

So that they look professional and artsy at the same time, ya know.  All without me spending a crap-ton of money to get it done.

I’m not here asking for advice on how to do it, I’ve figured that part out.  I’m just here to show what some of the images will be on the cards.

Cross your fingers, toes, and eyes for me.  I’m hoping someone will look at what I’ve presented and will feel strongly enough to want to purchase a blank notecard for $3.  Then write a lovely message inside to send to a friend in the mail.  Snail mail always appeals to me.  Who doesn’t love getting a handwritten card in their mailbox?

I’ll keep you posted on what happens…

goatsisters1-14-17eggsusethisoneIMG_2620IMG_9388duckcrew1-14-17buttercup2IMG_9391Snapseed - CopyIMG_9381IMG_2912IMG_5845IMG_2502img_9131img_4570tulipinbarnusethisone

6 thoughts on “Farm Photography

  1. Great idea! I’d buy a box! I always love your pics from the farm. Let me know if you would consider shipping them out in some point for those of us who aren’t local? I write more letters than probably the average person and am always looking for unique stationary and notecards.

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