Resolve To Support

The New Year is fast approaching.

Time to start  fresh.

We all have those ideas in our head that THIS is going to be the year!

The year that I…

lose weight

travel more

eat healthier

get a job that I don’t hate going to

research my ancestral history

get my DNA tested to see what is running though my blood

img011 (2)

go back to school

get another degree…or A degree

get a dog

get a cat

get some bees (is that just me?)

I have one big thing that I want to accomplish.

One thing that I believe I can accomplish rather quickly.

My resolution at the beginning of 2018 will be to…

unsubscribe to all of the junk emails I get.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I get so many junk emails that I can’t keep up with the deletions.

It is starting to drive me bonky.

It’s really all my fault.

I like to enter contests online.

I like to pretend that “this is the year that I’m going to win that trip to London or Hawaii!”’

So I enter online contests, add my email address, and then get bombarded with junk emails.

I need to learn to say NO.

I never win those trips.

I don’t think anyone wins those trips.

The only place I have seen anyone actually win a big trip is this Instagram account I follow.

Fat Tire Tours in Paris, France has an online competition where two people can win a trip to the city of lights.

They actually show the winners and it’s very legit.

I guess I’ll keep entering that one.

But, I must STOP putting my email address on every thing I see.

I want to live with less stuff in my house and less noise in my head.

I also want to eat healthier and travel more in 2018.

I think I resolve to do those two things every new year.

I’ll support you in whatever you choose…let’s all start a resolution support and hold up those ideas that others want to accomplish.

To cheer each other on every day.

To lift one another up and to say “YES, you CAN” instead of “Well, I don’t know about that.  Are you sure you want to do that?”

What do you want from yourself at the beginning of this fresh year?

You want to train for a marathon or learn a new language?

I support you.

You think you will sign up for an on-line dating site, get a chinchilla, or look into becoming a foster parent?

I support you.

You want to resolve to get up early every morning to see the sunrise?

I support you.

Because sunrises are amazing and so are you.

And I may just get those bees this year…



…isn’t that photo of the women sitting in the yard fun?  I recently found that photo in a stash that my dad has.  My paternal grandmother Dorothy and her sister Marie are seen.  Taken in the late 1930s or very early 1940s I believe…








6 thoughts on “Resolve To Support

  1. The marathon I completed a few years ago now but I have the medal in pride of place and my list of to do’s are more sedate now…haha…Walking is good..Top of my list is to complete my book and hopefully everything else will follow…Happy 2018 🙂

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